Matjaž Tančič Photography

Matjaž Tančič Photography - Obscured Space

With ‘Obscured Space’, Matjaž Tančič not only draws with light the spatial and visual features of the working unit, but welcomes in the urban environment that surrounds it. In this painting of human life, the hutong —Beijing’s essential element of urban matter— becomes a screen in which to project both, the features of personal inhabitation and the subtle characteristics of the urban condition. By staging a large-scale camera obscura in selected ateliers in the hutongs in the historical district of Dashilar, filtered rays of light delicately outline a trompe l'oeil in which the street, the trees, and the sublime form of the city share the same space as the walls and ceilings, the furniture and the activities of its occupants. Each of the photographs part of the Obscured Space series reveals a unique dialectic between architecture and the city with all its complex intricacies and material subtleties, thus creating portraits that oscillate between intimacy and revelation, between the personal spheres and the world that surround them, between architecture as stage, and the city as a living form of background scenography.